Article: Green Country Business Takes Part In Walmart 'Open Call'

Published on 06/27/2018 13:28 PM and last updated on 06/28/2018 03:03 AM

A Tulsa area company was the only Oklahoma company invited to the Walmart version of speed dating – new companies trying to convince Walmart to sell their products.

Claudia Frazier and JD Davis own Boxtown Team, the new company responsible for a product they call a ladder carrier.

Davis came up with a design and they found a local company, Oklahoma Plastic, in Sapulpa, to produce it. They’ve taken their product to trade shows, the fair, and then last week they pitched it to Walmart.

“There were over 450 businesses trying to get into Walmart,” said Davis.

Walmart calls it “open call,” but it’s like speed dating – you have a limited time to pitch your product.

If your pitch is successful, as Davis and Frazier were, you are given a slip of paper – hopefully, like a golden ticket.

“It is such a simple piece of cardboard, but it means so much to so many people,” Davis said.

The ladder carriers should be in Walmart stores within the next couple of months...

Article: Green Country Business Takes Part In Walmart 'Open Call'KOTV CBS (Tulsa, OK)
Rick Wells
June 19, 2018

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