Walmart Factory Directory Data Entry Form

Published on 08/03/2018 06:52 AM and last updated on 11/07/2019 09:51 AM

Our buyers and sourcing teams are searching for U.S. made products that are ready for Walmart shelves and/or online. Please follow this simple step by step guide to share your factory information with Walmart buying and sourcing teams.

  1. Go to the Walmart Factory Directory Data Entry Form.
  2. Enter all information required, paying close attention those fields that are mandatory.
  3. If you have an additional factory to add, please select 'Click here to add an additional factory'. More fields will appear for you to enter additional factory details. Maximum of two factory locations may be entered.
  4. When all mandatory fields are complete you can 'Click Here to Save and Submit this Entry'. Alternatively, you can either 'Save & close' to finish submitting your details or 'Save & new' to submit another form from scratch.
  5. Once your details have been successfully submitted you will be taken to the thank you page.
  6. An email will be sent to the submitter and the company primary contact, confirming the information you entered. As our sourcing teams and buyers are looking for US sourced items, they will review your info and reach out when applicable.

*Please note: you do not need to sign in to submit your factory details. This function is for Walmart users only.

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