Q: What is the application process and submission deadline for the 2020 Open Call for U.S. sourced products?
Application process starts on July 2, 2020
Application process closes* COB August 10, 2020
Suppliers notified of decision by COB August 28, 2020
Date for virtual meeting event is October 1, 2020
*subject to change

Q: How do I check to see what item(s) I have submitted?
All items submitted by the supplier can be viewed on the RangeMe platform. Follow the instructions in the “submit items” section under the “Open Call” tab at the top of the page: https://Walmart-JUMP.com. "Submit items" link is visible only after the application process starts.

Q: What is Rangeme and why am I directed there to submit my product pitches?
Walmart has partnered with the web platform – RangeMe for gathering all item pitches for 2020 Open Call. Only items submitted on RangeMe during the application period will be considered subject to space availability.

Q: Is there a cost to apply to attend Open Call?
Walmart does not charge to apply for Open Call 2020. In the event a meeting is offered, the supplier will be responsible for any needed computer hardware or other content for the virtual meeting process as well as any cost for sending product sample(s). Costs may be incurred by companies working to be a Walmart supplier or to meet Walmart supplier requirements.

Q: I attended a previous open call – can I apply again?
Yes, we encourage repeat attendees for categories you’ve not pitched to previously, and only with buyers you’ve not met in the last 12 months.

Q: I did not get invited for a meeting at the 2020 Open Call. Can I still attend the virtual meetings?
Companies not invited to attend are encouraged to join the live stream for the opening session – instructions to be published on https://Walmart-JUMP.com.

Q: How do I know what product pitches have been selected for virtual meetings?
All companies that complete the application process will receive an email after the application process closes indicating if a meeting is offered, and outlining which category and product was selected if appropriate.

Q. Now that I have received the email invitation to attend the virtual meetings, how do I confirm my participation for Open Call?
Invited companies will be offered the opportunity add up to a maximum of three attendees and asked to confirm ability to meet Walmart’s business requirements as part of the RSVP process.

Q. What happens after I submit my attendance confirmation for Open Call?
You will receive a confirmation email and attendee email address(es) will be added to the communication stream for Open Call 2020.

Q. I submitted more products than those listed in my confirmed meetings. Can I still present those not listed?
Your product pitch should focus on items appropriate for the category you are meeting with. Please keep your product pitch meetings to just the items, and any color/size/style variants, that are appropriate for the category listed in the confirmed meeting information.

Q. How do I get samples to my buyer and what products should I send?
Attending suppliers are responsible for sending a sample of the product at their expense. Instructions will be provided to all invited companies. Please send only the sample item described in your meeting info.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about the status of my application, attendees or the overall Open Call process?
Support for all application and RSVP related questions is available at opencall2020@rangeme.com. General Open Call questions for Walmart can be submitted at USAJobs@walmart.com. This FAQ will be updated as other frequently asked questions are identified.

Q. Do I have to attend the meetings in person if my products are selected?
Open Call 2020 is a virtual meeting event. All attendees must have access to a device capable of two way live streaming video using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or similar application. Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp and other mobile apps will not be supported. Specific requirements and testing instructions will be provided to invited attendees.