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Open Call Coming Soon

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Heath and safety is our priority and in the interest of protecting suppliers and associates, we are delaying the 2020 Open Call event until later this year.

Open Call is an annual event that everyone looks forward to attending. The energy brought by entrepreneurs from across the country is inspiring, and the innovative new U.S. sourced products that they bring are exciting. Our goal is to continue this opportunity in a way that is safe for all involved.

We’ll update this page with additional details as they become available. Share your info here to get notified when the application process for Open Call 2020 starts.

Now is a great time to set up a free account on www.RangeMe.com and begin building a robust product portfolio and supplier profile. Completing this information now on www.RangeMe.com will streamline the required steps once the Open Call process starts.

Consider generating some sales history by applying here to be a Walmart eCommerce supplier.

Welcoming suppliers to Open Call

What is Open Call?

Walmart’s Open Call is an exciting and unique opportunity for selected American entrepreneurs to come to our Home Office in Bentonville, AR, meet face-to-face with Walmart buyers and potentially get their product in the hands of millions of our customers. Now in its seventh year, the two-day event provides information to potential suppliers, offers great networking opportunities and gives businesses of all sizes from across the nation a chance at the big break they’ve been looking for. Click here for Open Call 2019 Highlights.

Supplier Meeting at Open Call 2019 Event

The companies in attendance at Open Call 2019 represented a broad geography, including 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Collectively, their impact on the U.S. manufacturing sector can be felt across the country, as they are manufacturing their products in 44 different states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Why does Walmart have an Open Call event?

Supplier talking with buyer in room at Open Call 2019

We believe that supporting American products and American jobs makes sense for our customers, our community and our company. We’re leading the way through our commitment to purchase an additional $250 billion in products made, sourced or grown in the U.S. by 2023. Our Open Call underscores that commitment and helps us make a difference on an issue our customers care about.