Become a Supplier

and last updated on July 02, 2021 05:00 AM

Walmart Marketplace is available to select third party retailers who would like to offer their products to more than 90 million unique visitors who shop on every month. Customers can find third-party Marketplace products by browsing or searching Items sold by third-party sellers are noted in the item information in search results, online shelves and on item pages.
As a potential supplier, one of the most important things you can do is get to know how Walmart works.
Standards and general requirements to be a Walmart supplier.
Insurance requirements to be a Walmart supplier.
Audits, certifications and testing information.
Supplier expectations by compliance area.
We are offering your company the opportunity to be added to our directory of U.S. based manufacturers, who are interested in doing business with Walmart. This directory is available for Walmart sourcing managers and buyers when searching for suppliers. If you make products that could sell in Walmart stores and are interested in doing business with Walmart, apply now. Please send questions to

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