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Open Call 2021: Highlights

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2021 Open Call – Walmart’s Second-Ever Virtual Success

We’re excited for all the new businesses that will be joining the Walmart family of suppliers this year and well into the future. Check out the recap from our 2021 event.

Open Call 2021 Recap

Our annual Open Call event is always one of our favorite days of the year, but this year’s virtual event felt like it meant even more. More than 900 small- and medium-sized business owners pitched their shelf-ready products to Walmart and Sam’s Club merchants this year. And more than 170 products are moving forward.

Open Call has connected us to so many small businesses and their products over the years. These businesses are at the heart of communities here in America and a big part of our $350 billion commitment to U.S. manufacturing to help create American jobs.

We couldn’t be more excited for the manufacturers who bought their U.S. made, grown or assembled products to this year’s Open Call event.

Check out our Corporate Newsroom post for more information on the event.

Tony Waller Open Call

The Open Call General Session

Our Open Call event has the power to change the future for these small businesses, their families and their communities. It’s one of the things that makes this event, and Walmart, so unique.

The Open Call General Session is available to view here.

Open Call 2021 Supplier Academies

A commitment to American jobs

In March of 2021, Walmart announced a $350 billion investment in the future of U.S. Manufacturing that will support more than 750,000 new American jobs.1

With this new 10-year goal, Walmart is strengthening its commitment to American jobs and communities and providing more value to our customers.

1 Per Boston Consulting Group using data from the Economic Policy Institute and Bureau of Labor statistics.